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Lovingly Hand Poured in Sydney's Northern Beaches

Meet Lou the founder …. 

Growing up in the North of England, I will always remember my first intention I set for myself, “To live peacefully, and energetically on foreign land “ 

It was in Australia when I first fell in Love with candles and the meaning behind burning with intentions, I had no idea a candle could be so useful apart from offering light of course. 

Igniting my candles totally sets my mindset, creating a sense of calmness and restores my energy just when I need it the most. 

Orsa started purely by accident and just when I needed it the most. After my divorce in 2017 I threw myself into helping other women come through toxic relationships and how to build their self-worth with counselling and hypnotherapy, it was after these sessions I would light a candle for my client,  take a moment to be present and ground my-self before my next client arrived. 

Those amazing women generally worked with me for around 6-8 sessions, I had always planned on giving a parting gift to remind them of how far they had come and reinforce their amazing work on them self and their intentions from that day forward. Jump ahead to March 2020 the first Covid lockdown, I found myself without work like a lot of people, also a single mum and the only source of income for our family and it had just stopped. 

I had two choices sink or swim, while I was slipping down the slope of giving up and sinking, I decided to learn how to make these candles I wanted to give my clients. I needed them to be amazing and I had the time to learn how. I handed out my first batch to friends for their feedback. My friends loved my candles, I loved my candles, the neighbours  loved my candles,

This is how my beautiful Orsa began, Orsa in Latin means Beginning, this was my New beginning, my  “Novus Orsa “ I never dreamed for a second that I would have a candle business and now I couldn’t dream of anything else. Making a candle is easy but to make an amazing candle with intention takes time, experience, knowledge and passion.

Our Candles 

Orsa candles are made with Plant based soy wax have no nasty chemicals or toxins, biodegradable, clean burning and completely free of animal derived substances.  

Our candles are created and lovingly poured on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia.


Our fragrances are sourced from the highest quality suppliers, which have put through rigorous testing at The Orsa workshop to ensure we deliver only the best to our customers.


Our candle jars are custom made with the intent to be reused after candle use. 

Simply wash the leftover residue of wax with hot soapy water, peel off the wick stickers, rinse and re love.


All our crystals are ethically sourced, from suppliers and companies who share similar values. 

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