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Candle Care

The First burn | Most important burn

Allow your Orsa Candle to fully melt across the entire jar before blowing out. This will effectively allow for an even burn each time you light your candle, this may take up to 3 hours.

The Wick | Keep you wicks trimmed

When trimming, always extinguish the flame first, let the candle cool down to room temperature. Before relighting your candle ensure that you keep your wick trimmed to 5mm. This will encourage a more even burn, steady flame, and limit mushrooming and sooting. Be sure not to trim your wick too low as the wick can drown in the wax as it melts.

The Burn | Burning Time

To take the most of Orsa Candles, try to avoid burning candles for more than three hours at a time to extend the life of the candle.

Once the wax falls below half-inch (1.27 centimeters) from the bottom of the jar, discontinue use. The jar can heat up when the flame nears the base jar which can cause heat damage to the container and the surface surrounding the candle.

Glass, Jar & Pots | Blackened edges of the glass

If your candle glass starts to blacken with use, remember to trim the wick. Once the candle is extinguished and cooled, use a dry paper towel to remove the black marks.


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