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Full Moon

Full Moon

                                                   Full Moon Candle




Full Moon – The fifth phase of the moon cycle, the Full Moon is a time for celebrating growth, releasing negativity, and letting bad habits and patterns  completely go.

Use the full moon to say goodbye to anything that is no longer serving you. 


Full Moon Orsa Candle- Double wick

500g Natural soy wax, scented with effervescent citrus and sea salt. Infused with Moonstone. 


Moon Stone-

Full to the brim with beautiful feminine energy and forever celebrating the shifting sands of time, the Moonstone gem is your ultimate spirit guide. This stone is amazing at helping carry you through times of transformation and change. It reminds us that all things come to pass and to enjoy the freshness of new cycles rather than get stuck in stagnant thinking. It keeps you calm, luminous, and magnifies emotions without knocking you off your feet.



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