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Peace Crystal Candle -Amethyst

Peace Crystal Candle -Amethyst







Peace Crystal` Candle -

This Amethyst Candle is infused with our distinctive blend of Fresh Green Tea & Lemongrass.


We added the Amethyst purely for it's ability to promote inner peace. The powerful and protective stone that promotes serenity and calmness, by simplifying and slowing down your life.


It helps you to remain connected with yourntrue sense of self, which will make you feel calmer and happier, aas well as bringingemotional balance.

This high vibrational crystal, cleaanses the aura of negativity and places a proctective energy around you.



100% Natural Soy wax

Each of our Hand poured scented candles are infused with a premium fragrance oil blended to perfection to create and entice those everlasting memories.

A perfect combination as you light and release all that no longer serves you.









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