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Self Love - Rose Quartz Candle

Self Love - Rose Quartz Candle

                                                 The Candle of Love


                                                        Rose Quartz 


Self-Love Candle - 

This Rose Quartz candle is infused with our unique blend of Creme Caramel, Sea Salt & Tonka Bean. 


Extra Large White Jar | Double cotton wick | 500g 

up to 70 hours burn time if candle care instructions are followed.  


100% Natural Soy wax 

Each of our Hand poured scented candles are infused with a premium fragrance oil blended to perfection to create and entice those everlasting memories.

A perfect combination as you light and release all that no longer serves you.




Rose Quartz meaning -

This love filled crystal brings self-love, love of others, and allows love to guide and flourish. 

It has a calming energy that releases stress and anxiety. 

Rose Quartz cleanses the aura whilst shielding the heart to heal and protect. 

It also clears away negative emotions, allowing us to evoke loving eneregy. 





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