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Crystal Healing For Emotional Trauma

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

It was the separation from the Love of my life that caused my emotional breakdown in 2017. I found myself in what could only be described as a tunnel of darkness with no way out. I’d gone from just married and utterly head over heels in love to gut wrenching, heart broken pain overnight. I had just found out, two weeks after my wedding that my new husband (we’d been together seven and a half years) had been having an affair. To say I was devastated was an understatement. Weeks had passed and I was falling deeper into that tunnel of darkness, I just could't work out how to feel ok again. Sleep was almost non existent, id dropped weight rapidly from no appetite, I could’t stop thinking about the affair and what I had lost. I remember waking up from yet another night of broken sleep and told myself, I just need thirty minutes break of not thinking about my situation, I wanted, needed space from negative thoughts. It was at that moment that I set myself the challenge of learning the art of distraction. I think it was around a week later that I had actually managed it. Thirty whole minutes of what felt like bliss. As I look back now, that day was the beginning of my recovery, the day I booked myself into a therapist and the day I began obsessively researching “how to heal a broken heart” I came from my first therapy session knowing that even though I had a long journey ahead of me, and a lot of trauma to work through, I was going to be ok. Through my research on how to heal a broken heart I'd stumbled across crystal healing. I already owned a few crystals, however I didn’t really know how powerful they were. I’d read about Rose quartz The loved filled crystal that promotes self love and how it allows love to guide and flourish. How it has a calming energy that releases stress and anxiety, I had a lot of that. I particularly loved the Rose Quartz crystal as it cleared away negative emotions. I was struggling the most with negative emotions, and I just wanted to get back to the happy positive person I once was.

I cleansed the Chunk of Rose Quartz I had in my collection and put it out under the moon to recharge its energy. ` I began mediation and using crystals as part of my healing journey. My therapist guided me on how to heal my inner self and to work on self esteem, and crystals, candles and meditation played a big part in this journey. My chunk of Rose Quartz truly helped me learn to love me again, but it wasn’t the only thing I did. I remember smudging with white sage, to cleanse my self and my home of negative energy. Amethyst for its ability to promote inner peace ( I needed to work on inner peace ). Amethyst also protects and connects you to your true sense of self and it brought me emotional balance. And citrine, the stone of abundance and manifestation.

I began journalling, I wrote all the things I was grateful for, then id write five affirmations and five intentions for the new life I was creating.

One of my intentions was to heal from emotional trauma and to work on forgiveness.

I can honestly say i am on the other side of my healing and back to the happy positive person I once was. It was a no brainer for me when I started Orsa & Co to create each candle based the process through my healing journey.

Cleansing away negative energies
Smudging Ritual


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