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 Crystal Candle Collection 

Our Story 


I’m Lou founder of Orsa & Co! 
I’m a mum to three kids, and a fur baby, each of which play a big part in the Orsa family. 

Kirby my eldest is the chief test burner (well, that what she calls it). 
Every week she takes a new candle for “testing purposes “
She is also the brutally honest one with the candles. 
“I don’t like that one” 
“This one gave me a headache “ 
“I’ll take another to be sure” 

Ben - The middle child, works in the financial dept. 
“How much money did you make on that sale” 
“What food can we buy after those sales “ 

India - The entrepreneur last born child is always looking for new products to add to Orsa and the one that will offer help to pack boxes, label candles, stir wax and send me an invoice later.
Vinni - fur baby is always happy to sit under your feet to be sure you trip over her whilst running around getting orders out and she is always super happy to scare away the poor delivery guy that’s dropping of supplies. 
Orsa truly is a family business, and it would not be where it is today without the help of us all. 

Australia's Favourite Luxury Candle Store

Orsa & Co is Australia's favourite Online store of scented Candles.

Relax and explore our range of scented candles with crystals fragrances all sourced in Australia.

We have a huge range of candles and accessories that are designed to complement your existing decor as well as keeping your candles burning safe for longer. 

Our extensive range of candles on sale gives you the opportunity to shop from the comfort of your own home. 

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